Yeah, no don’t put me down for cardio

11th Apr 2017
In happier, non sick times
In happier, non sick times

Before coming on this trip, I knew that I wasn’t tip top fitness, and was carrying an extra muffin top (or two), but I never realised that I would struggle as much as I have done over the last few days.

Readers will remember I was diagnosed with mild AMS and consequently put onto tablets to help deal with the permanent hangover feeling and the other day I was struck down with the worst case of traveller’s tummy - my best friend will be pleased to know that I’m okay and managed not to poop on a mountain (I think this means she owes me more money now…). So not feeling the best I was sent off to spend time with the lovely Grocott family for the evening before joining the rest of the group in Pheriche. I won’t lie, watching the rest of the group depart our lodge and cheer as they went on their way I shed a tear or two (this is becoming a clear theme of this trip) and was left to focus on if I felt that the goal of reaching Everest Base Camp was attainable.

Finally cleared to travel onwards, I began to contemplate my fitness and how fit I believe I am. Because I can conquer the escalator at Waterloo each day, I label myself as better than all the rest of the suits I pass on the underground each day.

Sent off with my own Sherpa, I made my way slowly back to the group. I encountered many yak trains, slipped a couple of times on the cliff edge that tumbled down to a fast-flowing river and spent many moments resting on the way telling myself over and over I could and I would achieve making it back to the group. It was painful, and my chest hurt to the point I wanted to vomit. But I made it to the One Yak Town of Pheriche. I overcame my self-doubt and supposed physical limitations I had placed on myself.

So, with only a few days until we reach the end goal of standing under the gaze of Everest, I still worry I may not make it all the way. But instead of chalking it up to a failure, I’ll mark this one down as a success. I possibly may not bask in its glory but I made it here, I have the photo and I met some great people.

In anyone’s book that’s a win.