Sarah is the administrator for Xtreme Everest and CASE Medicine. She helps to look after not only the team but also the social media sites including the Xtreme Everest and CASE Medicine websites.

She has previously worked for the BBC, BBFC and the Centre For Nurse and Midwife lead Research (CNMR) at UCL/UCLH.

This is her first time going to Nepal and she is very excited about seeing some yaks in real life. Whilst away she'll be missing her cats Dee Dee and Charlie and horror films.

Whilst away Sarah will be raising money for the charity CALM during her time in Nepal.

To read Sarah's blogs from the 10th Anniversary expedition, please click on the posts below.

Yeah, no don’t put me down for cardio

In happier, non sick times

11th Apr 2017 // Before coming on this trip, I knew that I wasn’t tip top fitness, and was carrying an extra muffin top (or two), but I never realised that I would struggle as much as I have done over the last few days.

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Get up, come on get down with the sickness

Richard tells me we are almost at Namche

5th Apr 2017 // Yesterday was the dreaded Namche hill whose name is utter amongst the Xtreme Everest team with fear. I was told Namche Hill will get you (unless you are Prof Grocott who is known to beat the beast in 20 minutes). Full article>

Donkeys, frogs and kitties, oh my!

2nd Apr 2017 // Sleep is disturbed by the calls of animals at the Summit. The other day when stepping into the shower, bleary eyed and big haired I was shocked into life by the baying of donkey, causing an almost comical slip in the shower that wouldn’t look out of place in one of Adam Sandler movie.

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I say a little prayer... that I make it out alive

28th Mar 2017 // An expedition out of the Summit Hotel was needed. One can easily fall into the trap of staying in the hotel grounds as the surrounding gardens are so peaceful (bar the 5am dog chorus where the local strays gather to play the fun game of My bark is louder then yours) and the staff attentive to your every need. I was keen to experience more of the city that we had whizzed through on the way from the airport a few days ago.

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A journey of a thousand miles, starts with me crying

Welcome to the Summit Hotel in Nepal

9th Mar 2017 // The day had arrived which I had been dreading for weeks. I was going to have to get into a metal bird and fly across the world to Nepal. As a fan of disaster movies such as The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno I had convinced myself wholeheartedly that this journey would signal my death toll bell.

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Have I got enough Marmite?

20th Mar 2017 // I've packed and repacked my bag several times now. I've taken things out and put them back again, and still I don't think I have enough clothing to last me a month away.

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