Have I got enough Marmite?

20th Mar 2017

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I've packed and repacked my bag several times now. I've taken things out and put them back again, and still I don't think I have enough clothing to last me a month away.

Being a typical girl, I'm dead set on having enough pairs of pants to cover my time away (what do you mean I can just do the old turn inside out?!) and I'm still trying to get my head around not having a shower everyday. I'm coming armed with multiple packs of baby wipes and dry shampoo to avoid the dreaded greasy barnet. I've also chucked in a couple of headscarves for the days when I don't think I can inflict my awful hair on my fellow trekkers. I'll be aiming for 1950's Rosie Rivieter chic (remember ladies We Can Do It!) but fully aware it will end up being more Ethel Skinner without the tiny dog called Willy.

I've also gone down the route of purchasing very bright clothing to a) make myself happy when I'm feeling very tired from the walking and b) to make it easier to find me should I fall off the side of the mountain. I've been assured this won't happen, but the team know I'm stupidly clumsy so I'm just covering all bases.

Added to my clothing list I'll be packing some Top Trumps packs and have organised a league table, certificate and trophy for the Top Tumper 2017. I'm setting myself the goal of not only making it to Base Camp and seeing some Yaks, I'm also fully intending to come back the Xtreme Everest Top Trump Champion.

On another note we've been talking a lot in the office about treats to take with us, and everyone has their own special item that they will be bringing to Nepal to help them get through the trekking each day. Some are bringing jelly babies, others have picked polo mints and I've gone for a jar of Marmite.

Marmite has been a staple in my life since I was a child and I've always said if I was to ever find myself having to pick a food source to eat in the event of the apocolpyse I always said it would be a jar of the dark stuff. I was luckily enough to be gifted a special Sarah Marmite jar for Christmas last year from some of my lovely colleagues in the office and this has been packed into my carry on. As it bears my name I'll always know if someone has borrowed my jar at the breakfast table.

So with just four days until we board the plane, I'm still contemplating how many clothes are too many at least I'll be safe in the knowledge that there is enough Marmite to get me through the month in Nepal. Now to decide if I need some Nutella too...

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By: JaneWhen: 20th Mar 2017 15:27

OOh marmite - I hadn't thought about packing things like that. Instead I was weighing under and so thought great pack another pair of pants!!