Research Overview

Research Overview

The research facility at EBC
The research facility at EBC

Xtreme Everest have carried out 11 research studies to date: 9 at altitude and 2 in chambers.

  • Cho Oyu 2005
  • Cho Oyu 2006
  • Caudwell Xtreme Everest 2007
  • YES 2007
  • CXE 2009
  • Xtreme Alps 2010
  • Bedford School 2012
  • Simulated Altitude Study 2012
  • EMC2 2012
  • Xtreme Everest 2 2013
  • YES 2 2013
  • XEX 2017

This has required significant preparatory work to ensure that all of the equipment and expertise required to deliver the research is in the right place at the right time. In addition, the staff have to be trained to deliver the research protocols, and the equipment has to be tested, and where necessary custom made, to work in extreme environments. This has been made possible through the generous support of sponsors, many of whom have helped adapt their equipment to meet our needs.

The development of Xtreme Everest's ongoing research strategy has been achieved with the input from Xtreme Everest's Scientific Strategy group.