History of Xtreme Everest

Xtreme Everest (XE) is a team of dedicated intensive care doctors, healthcare practitioners and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of their critically ill patients.

Seven people attended the inaugural meeting on March 15th 2004 to develop an Everest 2007 research expedition group. It became known as the Xtreme Everest expedition a few months later. People attending the first meeting included current XE Executive members Mike Grocott, Denny Levett and Kay Mitchell. However, the idea for the research expedition had been discussed by key individuals for several years prior to this in coffee shops whilst attending research conferences around the globe, including XE Executive members Monty Mythen and Dan Martin, as well as key XE Core Team members Hugh Montgomery and Sundeep Dhillon.