Xtreme Everest 10th Anniversary (2017)

Mike presents to the Sherpa community
Mike presents to the Sherpa community

Xtreme Everest is a research project coordinated by the UCL Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine) - doctors and scientists studying human systems stretched to breaking point in extreme environments to increase our understanding of critically ill patients.

We have analysed data from previous medical research studies at altitude in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013. The results have increased our understanding of how our bodies respond to low oxygen environments, and we have already started to use this knowledge to alter the care we give to critically ill individuals.

2017 marks ten years since our original Xtreme Everest research trek and our summit of Mount Everest. As part of our celebrations we will be hosting a series of events which include:

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Research in Nepal

Eric takes blood from one of the research participants

14th Apr 2017 // The hum of a diesel generator drones on through the thin walls and fumes enter the room through poorly sealed windows. Ringing bells announce the arrival of yet another string of yaks, one of the main means of commerce. I can see my breath indoors as we slowly set the room, battling hypoxia. Welcome to Pheriche, Nepal; welcome to the front lines of high altitude clinical research.

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Yeah, no don’t put me down for cardio

In happier, non sick times

11th Apr 2017 // Before coming on this trip, I knew that I wasn’t tip top fitness, and was carrying an extra muffin top (or two), but I never realised that I would struggle as much as I have done over the last few days.

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How to get a free ride to Tengboche

8th Apr 2017 // After a long period of rest in Namche Bazaar we were off on our way to Everest base camp again.  I was walking along the trail with Brad, with only a couple of the team ahead of us.  We stopped for what we thought was going to be a quick water stop just beside the first lodge along the path.  I noticed two Sherpas heading towards us dragging a man who looked pretty unwell.  They stopped on the path opposite us and I quickly headed over to see if I could be of any help.  

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Further information about the 10th Anniversary events and others we have planned will be shared on our website and other social media accounts. We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with all our supporters.