Xtreme Everest Tenth Anniversary Cohort Study

Sea level testing
Sea level testing

It is now ten years since we originally sent out a call for research subjects for the Caudwell Xtreme Everest research study which took place in 2007 in Nepal. The data we obtained at that time has been incredibly useful and the team have been busy working on this and pursuing our aim of improving the care of patients with low oxygen levels. We have now moved to the stage where we are starting to do studies in patients, most notably a National Institute of Health Research Study on targeted oxygen therapy being led by Dan Martin.

Participants of the Caudwell Xtreme Everest study allowed us to capture a broad set of physiological data related to their health and fitness at that time. Having reviewed this comprehensive data set, it has become clear that we have a perfect opportunity to gain additional data ten years on which would give a unique insight into healthy ageing for all the different variables that we measured.

Whilst this was not our original plan when developing the research in 2007, Xtreme Everest are now inviting back these participants to undertake a day’s testing again, capturing the same basic set of data such as exercise performance and neurocognitive function. This would enable us to look at changes that have occurred over this time period, and what they may relate to. This would enable us to build a longitudinal cohort study looking at epigenetic and physiological changes in relation to ageing.

In order for a study like this to produce reliable data, Xtreme Everest need significant numbers to agree to be involved and retested. An email has been sent to our 2007 participants asking if they would be willing to visit our laboratory either in London or in Southampton to be retested for this new study.

Whilst an email has been sent to our former research subjects, we have lost contact with a few of them over the years so if you are in touch with any research subjects from 2007 please let them know about this exciting new opportunity. If you trekked with us in 2007 and are interested in taking part, please use the form below to get in touch.


10th Anniversary Cohort Study

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