The Intensive Care Unit Support Team for Ex Patients (ICUsteps) was formed in 2005 by ex ICU patients, their relatives and ICU staff, in order to help support patients and families through the long road to recovery following a critical illness. They are the UK's only support group for people who have been affected by critical illness. Their support however is far reaching and they have been able to assist patients, relatives and medical staff from organisations around the world.

Their aims are:

  • to support patients and relatives affected by critical illness,
  • to promote recognition of the physical and psychological consequences of critical illness through education of the medical profession and the general public, and
  • to encourage research into treatment and the prevention of these issues.

To do this they have produced a free downloadable guide which is available in 15 languages. The guide contains such helpful information as what will happen during your time in ICU and after you return home. Also there is an interactive forum on their website for patients, relatives and medical professionals to post queries and offer support to others.

You can find the above mentioned resources and many more on their website.