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Have you got your ticket for Six Decades of Medicine?

20th May 2017 // The upcoming special 10th Anniversary lecture online ticket sales are now closed. However, you will be able to purchase tickets on the door at the Royal Geographical Society from 6pm onwards. Full article>

Southampton clinicians return to Nepal to share research findings

20th May 2017 // The Xtreme Everest group has been featured in a press release from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. The press release focuses on the group return to Nepal for their 10th Anniversary celebration and the feedback session to the Sherpas who participated in our research in 2013. Full article>

Xtreme Everest welcomes special guests to 10th Anniversary lecture

12th May 2017 // The evening will see us bringing together six decades of research from Everest in one presentation. Xtreme Everest are proud to announce that the following speakers will be joining us for the evening, alongside Prof Mike Grocott and Dr Daniel Martin of the Xtreme Everest team: Full article>

Tenth anniversary presentation to Sherpa community in Namche

5th May 2017 // The Xtreme Everest team has always had a profound sense of indebtedness to the Sherpa community in Nepal. Team members have been carrying out medical research in Nepal and Tibet with Sherpa support since the early noughties. Since the Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition in 2007, we have wanted to share what we have learned with them. Xtreme Everest has carried out a significant number of public engagement events over the years, but never at such high altitude. Namche is situated at 3500m above sea level. Full article>

New Namche Clinic opened

2nd May 2017 // The Namche Community has recently opened a new health clinic in the town. This clinic is in addition to the Government funded clinic that only opens for 6 hours a day. Full article>

An update on the XEX research

28th Apr 2017 // During the 10th Anniversary Trek to Everest Base Camp, the Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research Consortium carried out a number of experiments to learn more about how the human body adapts to high altitude, where oxygen levels are low. Full article>

From Mountainside to Bedside - Lecture now available online

27th Apr 2017 // Prior to leaving for Nepal for our 10th Anniversary celebration, Xtreme Everest's Professor Mike Grocott gave a lecture at Gresham College. Mike spoke about the work of Xtreme Everest over the last ten years and shared some of the data that we have from our research. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - KnO2wledge VII

29th Mar 2017 // During our time in Nepal for the 10th Anniversary trek, we were delighted to be invited to speak to colleagues from the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal over a two day conference. Full article>

Dr Andrew Murray to speak at A Pint of Science in Cambridge

29th Mar 2017 // Dr Murray, who is a Researcher in the Department of Physiology, Developement and Neuroscience at Cambridge, will be speaking about Everest in Utero - The Challenges of Life in Hypoxia. Andrew will raise and address the question; How can humans survive or even thrive in low-oxygen conditions?, and will draw on his work with the Xtreme Everest Research Group. Full article>

Xtreme Archive -The Logistics team leave for Nepal

23rd Mar 2017 // In celebration of our departure to Nepal on Friday, we've gone back into the archives to ten years ago when we were setting off on this new adventure. Full article>

10th Anniversary Trek research - an overview

23rd Mar 2017 // During the next few weeks, during the 10th Anniversary Trek to Everest Base Camp, the Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research Consortium will be carrying out a number of experiments to learn more about how the human body adapts to high altitude, where oxygen levels are low. Full article>

Join Xtreme Everest for a special anniversary lecture this May

20th Mar 2017 // Xtreme Everest are proud to announce that tickets are now available to purchase for our special anniversary lecture which is being held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on the evening of the 23rd May 2017. Full article>

Xtreme Everest February Newsletter

28th Feb 2017 // The Xtreme Everest February newsletter is now available to download. This is our second one for 2017 and will be back with more throughout the year. Full article>

Nepal: Resilience on the roof of the world

1st Mar 2017 // Last week Xtreme Everest were honoured to be invited to the opening night of the Phase Worldwide photo exhibition Nepal: Resilience on the roof of the world held at the Gallery@Oxo on London's Southbank. Full article>

Oscar win for The Cure: Doctors on Everest director

1st Mar 2017 // Congratulations are in order to Orlando von Einsiedel, who directed the episode of Al Jazeera’s The Cure series, which followed the 2013 Xtreme Everest expedition to Everest, who has won an Oscar for Best Short Documentary at this years ceremony for his film White Helmets. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - End of Trekker Testing

13th Feb 2017 // It's the 1 May 2013 and in Nepal, there was a very significant event taking place. After months of planning and several buckets of sweat and tears later, the last trekker test had been completed at astonishing heights (5300m above sea level)! Full article>

10th Anniversary Trekker takes on some Xtreme fundraising!

28th Feb 2017 // One of our trekkers, Liz Mooney, is raising money for Xtreme Everest, read about her plans and how you can help raise money! Full article>

Royal Society launches primary school science experiments videos

22nd Feb 2017 // At the end of last year, CASE Medicine was invited to participate in filming a segment for the Royal Society new series of videos for the Brian Cox School Experiments. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - Headaches and Shakes!

20th Feb 2016 // It's the 7 September 2006 and at Base Camp the group are excited to discover a bottle (or two!) of scotch and finally the CPX kit is up and running! Full article>

The Vijay Ahuja Lecture

6th Jan 2016 // The Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research Consortium and the Royal Society of Medicine are pleased to announce the inclusion of The Vijay Ahuja Lecture as part of the Kn02wledge 10 programme. Full article>

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