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Prof Mike Grocott awarded a NIHR Senior Investigator

21st Feb 2018 // Congratulations to Xtreme Everest's Professor Mike Grocott, who has recently been received a NIHR Senior Investigator award. Full article>

Xtreme Everest featured in Wired magazine

12th Feb 2018 // Xtreme Everest have been featured in the latest issue of Wired magazine as they look at the history of our research, what we've been able to find out and what this means for patients in ICU. Full article>

Dzien Dobry Xtreme Everest!

6th Feb 2018 // Xtreme Everest's Dr Andrew Murray was recently interviewed for the Polish morning show Dzien Dobry about his work relating to his Sherpa paper. Full article>

POETTS group release new paper on consensus clinical guidelines for CPET

6th Feb 2018 // Dr Denny Levett who is part of the Xtreme Everest team and President of the international Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS) has recently co-authored a paper looking at the increase in use of perioperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and defining suitable clinical testing guidelines for such testing, which will help to standardise testing ensuring that results are valid and reproducible to help inform clinical decision making. Full article>

Could patient-controlled fluid administration lead to more rapid rehydration?

6th Feb 2018 // Xtreme Everest's Prof Monty Mythen and Prof Hugh Montgomery are authors on a recent paper featured in the British Journal of Anaesthesia which looks at fluid management, and in particular focuses on a feasibility study undertaken to look at patient vs clinician directed fluid administration. Full article>

Let's get fit with WesFit!

11th Jan 2018 // Xtreme Everest's Prof Mike Grocott and Dr Sandy Jack have been working on a new cancer prehabilitation study which has received STP (sustainability and transformation partnership) funding and will be starting this year in the Wessex area. Full article>

New paper looks at oxygenation targets trial in critically ill children

10th Jan 2018 // A new paper from Xtreme Everest's Dr Mark Peters, which is co-authored by Prof Mike Grocott was recently published at the end of 2017. The paper, called Protocol for a randomised pilot multiple centre trial of conservative versus liberal oxygenation targets in critically ill children (Oxy-PICU). looks at the proposal for the first randomised trial to compare conservative and liberal systemic oxygenation targets in mechanically ventilated children. Full article>

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

20th Dec 2017 // The Xtreme Everest team would like to wish all our sponsors, collaborators, and supporters a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018! Full article>

Dan and Mike talk hypoxia with the TopMed Talk team

1st Dec 2017 // Xtreme Everest's Dr Dan Martin has recently spoken to the Top Med Talk team about the Xtreme Everest research project and what our results have shown so far in relation to human adaptation to hypoxia. Full article>

Watch us now on Operation Ouch!

16th Nov 2017 // Did you catch us last night on CBBC? The Xtreme Everest team were luckily enough to be invited to join Drs Chris and Xand Van Tulleken on their award winning programme Operation Ouch! Full article>

Tune in to TopMed Talk for the latest medical news

23rd Oct 2017 // A new website brings the latest medical news to your ears. Recorded live at conferences, journal clubs and with phone in discussions, the team behind Top MedTalk hope to not only keep you informed, but also give the listener opportunities for further learning but linking to journal articles and events that can be attended. Full article>

Xtreme Alps paper looks at benefits of dietary nitrate at high altitude

23rd Oct 2017 // It has been known for years that nitric oxide (NO) production is plays a huge role in helping in conferring tolerance to hypoxia, our studies have shown that Tibetan highlanders have higher nitrate and exhaled NO (ENO) than lowlanders, The team were keen to see if nitrate supplements that have show to reduce the oxygen cost of exercise in normoxia, would be of benefit at high altitudes. Full article>

Join Community Action Nepal for A crawl down The Ogre

23rd Oct 2017 // Its 1977 and Doug Scott CBE and Chris Bonington are making the first ascent of The Ogre, which at 7,285m with a rocky terrain is considered the most difficult of the world's highest mountains to climb. Full article>

Operation Ouch goes to the Xtreme!

23rd Oct 2017 // Pop some corn, get comfy on the sofa and settle in to watch Operation Ouch! on CBBC at 17.30 on 15 November as it's going to be Xtreme! Full article>

Kay takes Xtreme team collaboration to BACCN 2017

6th Sep 2017 // On the 4th September, Xtreme Everest's Kay Mitchell gave a keynote lecture at this years British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN). Full article>

Sherpa survival strategy could improve critical care

24th Aug 2017 // The Xtreme Everest team have recently been featured in the latest edition of Clinical Research Update the magazine for research taking place at the University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton. Full article>

Apply now for a MSc in Perioperative Medicine at UCL

8th Aug 2017 // There is still time to apply for the University College London MSc in Perioperative Medicine. The MSc is designed for doctors (anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians) and nurse specialists engaged in the management of patients in the perioperative period, and who are committed to developing expertise in perioperative care through active participation in this innovative education forum. Full article>

Download your copy of Prof Severinghaus' tenth anniversary talks

8th Aug 2017 // Prof Severinghaus joined us for this year's special Knowledge 10 conference and kindly shared his slides of his talks with us. Full article>

New paper looks at muscle mass and physical recovery in ICU

4th Aug 2017 // Xtreme Everest’s Prof Mike Grocott and our collaborator Paul Wischmeyer from the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgery, Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, North Carolina, USA new paper Muscle mass and physical recovery in ICU: innovations for targeting of nutrition and exercise is released Full article>

Research adventures on Everest

4th Aug 2017 // Dr Liesl Wandrag talks to the Imperial College podcast team all about her time on the mountain Full article>

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