Operation Ouch goes to the Xtreme!

23rd Oct 2017
Xand and Chris from Operation Ouch!
Xand and Chris from Operation Ouch!


Pop some corn, get comfy on the sofa and settle in to watch Operation Ouch! on CBBC at 17.30 on 15 November as it's going to be Xtreme!

Watch as Dr Denny Levett talks to Dr Chris about our Xtreme Everest research and what it means for patients in ICU.

Denny is also joined by Dr Jonny Coppel and Gurinder Rayat, to put Dr Chris to the test with a CPET test, as well as having a look at his microcirculation under his tongue.

This is a great opportunity for kids (and big kids!) to learn about our work, so please do tune in.

Don't forget to tweet your views and questions to us on @XtremeEverest or join in the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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