Professor Mike Grocott

Mike Grocott

Professor Mike Grocott


  • Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, University of Southampton

Chair, Xtreme Everest Oxgen Research Consortium Leader, Caudwell Xtreme Everest (2007) and summited Everest May 23rd 2007 Leader, Xtreme Cho Oyu (2006) and summited Cho Oyu September 2006 Head, Centre for Human Integrative Physiology, University of Southampton


  • 2015: Extreme Weather (Channel 5) - expert medical contributor
  • 2015: Elements - Oxygen (BBC World Services) - expert medical contributor

Previous Media Experience

  • Television: BBC News at Ten, BBC News 24, BBC Horizon, Channel 4 News, CNN, Sky News, BBC Breakfast Time, BBC South Today.
  • Film: “Return to Everest” an IMAX format film currently in production with MacGillivray Freeman Films, scheduled for release in 2016.
  • Radio: BBC Radio 4 Science Documentaries, BBC Radio 4 Today program, BBC Radio 4 PM program, BBC World Service, Voice of America, ABC, LBC, BBC Radio Scotland.
  • Print: The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Economist, Nature, Science, New Scientist.
  • Festivals: Cheltenham Science Festival (2006, 2009), Winchester Science Festival (2013)


Research Papers

  • Coppel J, Hennis P, Gilbert-Kawai E, Grocott MP. The physiological effects of hypobaric hypoxia versus normobaric hypoxia: a systematic review of crossover trials. Extreme Physiology and Medicine 2015;26(4)
  • Hennis PJ, O'Doherty AF, Levett DZ, Grocott MP, Montgomery HM. Genetic factors associated with exercise performance in atmospheric hypoxia. Sports Medicine 2015;45(5):745-61
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  • Grocott MPW, Levett DZH. Everest 60 years on: what next? Extreme Physiology and Medicine 2013:2;20
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  • Grocott MP. Human physiology in extreme environments: lessons from life at the limits? Postgraduate Medical Journal 2008;84:2-3

Case reports

  • Hennis PJ, Gilbert-Kawai E, Grocott MP. Isolated Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure at High Altitude in a Young Male Trekker with a Positive Family History of Seizure. High Altitude Medicine and Biology 2014;15(1):93-4
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  • MPW Grocott, S McCorkell, ML Cox. Successful resuscitation from major upper gastro-intestinal hemorrhage using rectally administered fluids in a wilderness environment: a case report. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine 2005;16(4):209-11


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