Looking to set yourself a challenge and want to raise money for Xtreme Everest at the same time? Then why not organise a fundraising event on our behalf.

From something very small like saving up all your pennies for a year in a jar to facing your fear of heights and jumping out of a plane, every penny raised helps to support our vital research into hypoxia.

If you want to undertake a fundraising event on behalf of Xtreme Everest, get in touch using the contact form below.

To get you started we've listed some of our favourite ideas below to get you going.

Cake Sale

Channel your inner Mary Berry or Delia Smith and get your bake on for Xtreme Everest. You could then sell at work or at school, charging 50p a slice of cake and help to raise much needed funds for Xtreme Everest.

Sponsored Exercise Class

Take inspiration from the Xtreme Everest research participants and hold your very own sponsored exercise class. This could include a sponsored cycle or spin class, circuits or running an 80s aerobic class and ask everyone attending to wear their best leotards and sweatbands.

Smarties tubes filled with coins

Purchase some packets of smarties and hand out to friends, family or colleagues and ask them to return them filled with coins. Not only do we benefit from the money raised, they get a chocolate treat.

Car boot

The added bonus of this one is you finally get rid of all the clutter in your house that you've been holding on to.

Chosen school or work charity

Do you raise money for a charity each year at school or at work? Why not consider making Xtreme Everest your charity of the year.

Nepal evening

Hold a themed Nepal evening event at your home, school or place of work. Cook themed meals, have themed table decorations (think Yak napkins, barrel water glasses etc) and get everyone to dress up in appropriate clothing, this could be either Nepalese traditional dress or mountaineer chic. You could either charge a dining fee or have a donation bucket available for people to contribute throughout the evening.

Tea party/coffee morning

Host a tea party or coffee morning at work or at home, and ask people to make a donation for every cup they drink or slice of cake they have. You could also organise a raffle and ask local businesses to donate a small prize or voucher.

Pub quiz

Contact your local pub and ask if you can hold a quiz evening. You could choose to do a general knowledge quiz or take inspiration from the Xtreme Everest website and write questions based on Nepal or Everest. Charge per team entry and contact a local business for a prize for the winners.

To let us know you want to fund raise for us, please get in touch with us.