Elegy for Xtreme Everest “New York, New York

To be sung to the tune of this...

Base camp, base camp is a wonderful town
The mountain’s up and the glacier are down
The people there all sleep on the ground
Base camp, base camp what a wonderful town

Oh getting there is a heck of a trek
You start out fat and end up a wreck
The tests are tough and packs weigh a peck
Oh getting there what a heck of a trek

Hypoxia really doesn’t exist
And slogging to Everest is a much greater risk
We bought free trips for the docs and their frisks
Hypoxia really doesn’t exist

In days to come we are sure to look back
On Mungo, sherps, bad food and dumb yaks
And photos taken by artistic hacks
In days to come we will always, always, always look back.