Why We Do Research


Have you seen the latest #WhyWeDoResearch hashtag on Twiter making the rounds and wondered what it was all about?

Set up by Claire Gibbs, Senior Clinical Research Nurse, and Abby Greaves, Research Administrator, at The James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (JPUH), the campaign seeks to raise research awareness and opportunities for patients, public and staff, and to provide everyone involved in research, in any way, with a voice.

With this in mind, Xtreme Everest wants to get all of our trekkers, investigators, sponsors, colleagues and friends involved and tell us why they became involved with Xtreme Everest.

One part of this project will involve collecting stories from people by asking them why they became involved in the project. We already know a few people decided to take part, as it was something that sparked their research interest, whilst others were looking for their next physical challenge. These stories will form a catalogue available to read on our new Xtreme Everest website.

The second part of the project involves asking our trekkers, investigators, sponsors, colleagues and friends to download the #WhyWeDoResearch Xtreme Everest card and then tweeting us their message using both the #WhyWeDoResearch hashtag and tagging @XtremeEverest This will not only allow us to retweet them but collect them to form a gallery on the website.

To get involved download the Xtreme Everest #WhyWeDoResearch card here


and tweet us your picture or if you would like to share your story of why you joined Xtreme Everest, please get in touch with us.