In Conversation with... interview series

Xtreme Everest's Dr Ned Gilbert-Kawai has embarked on a mission to interview the good and the great from the academic world. The interviews lasted anything up to three hours, covering the span of each academics career including the highs, the lows and most importantly the research.

In his own words, Ned tells how the interviews and subsequent papers came about;

Whilst attending a conference last year, I was fortunate enough to be seated at lunch next to a very eminent octogenarian academic. Conversation ensued, and I was instantly captivated by his stories. These were not narratives filled with scientific facts, but rather anecdotes of his life and the pathways he had taken to get where he was today. Fascinated by such accounts, I set about the task of interviewing persons of scientific acclaim, to learn more about their life stories and unwritten tales. In conversation with... therefore offers readers a chance to share an abridged version of these conversations.

The papers are published on the the Extreme Physiology and Medicine website. Ned hopes to also turn the longer interviews into a book.

To read the papers in the series, please click the links below: