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Jacqui and Pops
Jacqui and Pops

It's 2007 and Jacqueline Figgins, a 40-year-old intensive-care nurse decides to sign up for Xtreme Everest alongside her father William. A keen walker, she had never undertaken any walking or exercise at altitude.

Having read Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, which tells the story of the ill fated climb which left eight people dead, her dreams of reaching Everest were not diminished but instead were ignited further. Subsequently, both Jacqui and her father joined Xtreme Everest on their 2013 expedition.

Jacqui spoke to Grough Magazine on return from the expedition to share her experience of being part of a research team on Everest.

To read Jacqui's story in full, visit Grough Magazine

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