From Kit Boxes to Feed Boxes

This donation was made in 2016

Some of our new friends at the Kilmarnock Horse Rescue enjoy their lunch from their new feed boxes
Some of our new friends at the Kilmarnock Horse Rescue enjoy their lunch from their new feed boxes

Xtreme Everest has been having a clear out of items in our kit room here at the ISEH. Some of these items are now surplus to our requirements, but rather then send them to landfill, we've been able to make use of the brilliant Warp-It scheme that University College London are a part of.

One set of items that went up on the site were some old Cortex silver boxes that used to house our Metamax systems that have been used on previous research expeditions. Slightly battered by Yaks, we wondered who would be able to make use of them. We thought someone in another lab at the university would like them to store kit in or use them when out in the field undertaking research. We would never have guessed they would be making their way to a horse charity located in Crawley.

The Kilmarnock Horse Rescue take in and rescue horses and donkeys within the Sussex area. Started in 2000 by founder Carol Jackson, the charity aims to care for and rehome as many abandonded and mistreated animals as they can. Since they started they have cared for over 100 neglected animals.

As well as the rescue side the charity is also well established within their local community, providing such support as:

  • Open days for local firefighters to learn such skills as how to put on a headcollar to aid in the rescue of a horse
  • Visiting their local mental hospital with some of their animals to offer patients some time with the animals as part of equine assisted therapy
  • Allowing the local Brownie group to come and assist with grooming the ponies and donkeys in their care
  • Offering family days for those with autistic children to spend time with the animals

Our old battered boxes will now have a new life as feed bins filled with pony nuts and feed for the animals at the charity. As the boxes are lockable and stackable, they are great to use at the stables. Xtreme Everest is delighted to know that our old kit boxes are now able to help out another charity and we wish the Kilmarnock Horse Rescue well with their ongoing work.

If you would like to donate to the charity, please visit their donation page.