Xtreme Archive -The Logistics team leave for Nepal

23rd Mar 2017
Logistics Team relaxing in the Summit Hotel
Logistics Team relaxing in the Summit Hotel

In celebration of our departure to Nepal on Friday, we've gone back into the archives to ten years ago when we were setting off on this new adventure.

It's the 4 March 2007 and the Xtreme Everest Logistic team are making their way to Nepal. Back in the UK a long hidden portrait of the Lady Jane Gray was discovered.

Elsewhere in the world some people were being treated to a lunar eclipse which was visible from the whole of Europe, Africa, South America, and eastern parts of the US and Canada

Meanwhile, the Logistics team for Caudwell Xtreme Everest were packing up and shipping out...

The Logistics team leave for Nepal
Originally blogged by Kay Mitchell

Yesterday, the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Logistics team left from London Heathrow to fly to Kathmandu. They have set off earlier than the main team, in order to organise the 17 tonnes of equipment that was shipped earlier this week. They will spend a week based at the Summit Hotel in Kathmandu, arranging for much of this equipment to be flown to Namche Bazaar. From Namche, it will be moved up the Khumbu valley by yak or porter.

The logistics team, Mac Mackenney, Dr Paul Richards, Lee Rays and Rhys Bevan, will then fly to Lukla to start trekking up to Base Camp. On the way, they will unpack much of the equipment at the laboratories at Namche Bazaar, Pheriche, and finally Everest base Camp. This will allow the calibration team to start calibrating the moment they arrive at each laboratory.

Dr Paul Richards will be concentrating on setting up the power systems at each laboratory. Even at Kathmandu, the local power supply can be unreliable, so Dr Richards has been working closely with our sponsors at Honda, Victron and Exide to develop a reliable and safe source of power for each laboratory.

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