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20th Feb 2016
Calibrating the Lode exercise bike
Calibrating the Lode exercise bike

It's the 7 September 2006 and in the UK Maisy became a real life 101 Dalmatian after giving birth to 15 puppies which at the time was the largest litter. In 2009 though, Button a three year old Dalmatian, knocked Maisy of her pedestal with the birth of 19 puppies.

Elsewhere, Dr Sarah-Jayne Blakemore of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience's research had proved that feelings matter less to teenagers so they couldn't be blamed for being selfish.

Meanwhile at Base Camp, the group are excited to discover a bottle (or two!) of scotch and finally the CPX kit is up and running!

Headaches and Shakes!
Originally blogged by Kay Mitchell

Last night, a bottle of scotch was discovered- a gift from Kit at the Summit hotel. Once opened, it mysteriously evaporated, as did two other bottles. Presumably the fumes overcame those nearby, as there are some very thick heads and unsteady feet this morning!

But the big excitement is that the CPX (cardiopulmonary exercise test) equipment is up, calibrated, powered and works! This speaks highly of Dan, Denny, Kay and Helen, and also of the Lode and Cortex kit. Indeed, Cortex have spent months working with the team testing in cold/high altitude chambers to make it all work. Patrick and Hugh thus become the first two people to have a breath-by-breath CPX test at this altitude, and the data look fantastically interesting already!

Hugh spends the rest of the morning taking blood samples and spinning them. We have been given a fridge by Waeco, which is just terrific, keeping all our bottles and reagents cool by day and warm by night.

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