Xtreme Archive - Five daredevils who helped science

14th Dec 2016
Dan Martin
Dan Martin

Its the 15th October 2012 and Honey Boo Boo has won her beauty pageant and been crowned Miss Extra in Los Angeles. Honey Boo Boo and her family would soon go on to be one of the biggest pageant families on TV.

Elsewhere two African Elephants where making the headlines by getting their trunks in a twist battling for the mating rights of a female elephant!

Meanwhile, Dr Daniel Martin was sharing the stage with four other daredevils of science. How did he win this honour? Dropping his trousers at the top of Everest!

Five daredevils who helped science
Originally blogged by Kay Mitchell

It is now the 15th October 2012, and talk around the world is still on Felix Baumgartner who broke the speed of sound reaching an estimated speed of 833.9 mph (1,342.8 km/h) jumping from the stratosphere the day before making him the first man to break the speed of sound in freefall.

This astonishing achievement led to this article Before Baumgartner: Five daredevils who helped science being published by the BBC. In this article Dr Dan Martin, Expedition Leader for Xtreme Everest 2, shares the stage with the likes of Yuri Gagarin and Captain Scott.

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