Warehouse move brings back ten years of memories

4th Aug 2017
Just a bit of kit to go
Just a bit of kit to go

Recently the team had to move over ten years’ worth of research kit from our storage in London to its new home in Southampton.

Clearing out the warehouse was a trip down memory lane, with many items bringing back memories of our time in Nepal. We are lucky enough to still have our Lode bikes that went all the way up the mountain for testing our summit team, which have now been preserved for any future museum displays we wish to do. A little bit dented from their time on the yaks, they are a fascinating insight into what the team achieved in 2007.

Other items such as the old urine collection tubes and the blankets used to keep our trekkers warm prompted the team to recall the cold mornings when you had to drag yourself out of your tent to deposit your urine sample for measurement. This wasn’t a happy memory!

Lastly, we also found hidden away in a box the flask used to carry the blood samples down from the Balcony (8400m) of Everest by the our wonderful Sherpa. Once the four blood samples were collected from the summit team, he carried them to the laboratory we established at Camp 3, making the almost 2,000m descent in an astonishing two hours, where they were analysed.

Downsuits in the office
Downsuits in the office

The flask, alongside three of our summit suits are now proudly on display in our London office at the ISEH, as you can see from the photo on the right

So, here’s to the next ten years of Xtreme Everest and more adventures in Nepal.

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