Team from Nebraska reflect on their time in Nepal

8th Jun 2017
Tim prepping blood samples for testing
Tim prepping blood samples for testing

Undertaking research in any extreme environment can be a challenge. From a makeshift lab in a wooden lodge, frequent power cuts and to the worry that the Yak with your precious kit will go awol on his route to your next stop.

Whilst the team at Xtreme Everest are used to a bit of snow, the cold labs and the odd errant Yak, for the team from Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center who joined us on our XEX expedition it was brand new territory. Gone were the modern labs with functional facilities, replaced with dung burning stoves and the need to wear multiple layers in order to stay warm the further up the mountain they got. The team coped admirably and it was a pleasure to work alongside them. The Xtreme Everest team look forward to seeing their results for the studies they undertook.

To read their report in full visit the Nebraska Medical website

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