Over the counter vegetable sport drinks and exercise performance

Participants are required for a research project looking into the relationship between over the counter vegetable sports drinks and exercise performance. The study is being undertaken by two doctors who are currently studying an MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health at the ISEH in central London and will be in conjunction with some of the Xtreme Everest researchers.

Overview of study


We are investigating the effects of low oxygen levels on exercise and whether an over the counter vegetable juice drink, high in nitrates, can improve athletic performance.

We are looking for healthy volunteers to undertake this exciting test which involves 3 half day sessions at our specially equipped low oxygen room in the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) in central London.

The first trip will involve an introduction to the low oxygen room. This involves an acclimatisation phase of 2 hours to low oxygen and a workout of 15 minutes on an exercise bike allowing us to work out an optimal resistance for each participant to cycle with during the tests.

The following two trips will involve the same acclimatisation and 15 minute workout but will be preceded by a drink of high nitrate vegetable juice or our nitrate free “control” vegetable juice. The vegetable juice is a safe over the counter sports “shot”.

During the exercise testing you will be wearing a small mask which collects data about the gases you breathe in and out. This does not restrict your breathing in any way. There will also be a Doctor present during all testing.

Each visit should take around 4 hours and it will be about 7-10 days between each visit. You may exercise as normal between visits.

The purpose of the experiment is to explore if high nitrate drinks allow healthy people to use oxygen more efficiently. We will also use the data to continue work involving critically unwell patients whom are suffering from low oxygen.

The results can made available on request and will be reported in scientific press and at national and international meetings.

This study only has 16 available places and will be running during weekdays from February to the end of July.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age between: 18 - 65 years old
  • Sex: male or female
  • Healthy volunteers without limitation to physical activity (pregnancy, injury, heart or lung conditions)

If you would like to be part of this exciting research or would like further information please contact the investigators Dr Christian Wilson cpethypoxia@gmail.com