New paper explores the relationship between CPET and tHb-mass

3rd Jul 2017

Xtreme Everest's Prof Mike Grocott and Prof Hugh Montgomery, along with Dr James Otto are authors of a new paper that was released in May this year and featured in the British Journal of Anesthesia.

The paper entitled Total hemoglobin mass, but not hemoglobin concentration, is associated with preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing-derived oxygen-consumption variables tested patients prior to major surgery using a CPET and blood test. The research team looked to explore the relationship of Hb and tHb-mass with CPET-derived measures of physical fitness in preoperative patients.

In total 43 patients were tested (19 from Southampton General Hospital and 24 from University College London Hospital), with one failing to complete the protocol, and thus excluded from the research.

The study shows that hemoglobin mass is an incredibly important factor in determining the physical fitness of a patient, and as such their complications risk before major elective surgery.

To read the paper in full, please visit the BJA website

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