Listeners all over the world tune in to Xtreme Everest live

15th Jun 2018

Yesterday saw the Xtreme Everest team visit our colleagues and friends at the Duke Anaesthesia department based at Duke University for a special Xtreme Everest symposium.

Entitled Xtreme Everest Symposium: Human Tolerance of Hypoxia: Going to Extremes to Understand Critical Illness the programme included talks from Prof Mike Grocott, Prof Chris Imray and Dr Daniel Martin, who all shared what has been learnt so far from our research expeditions and where future research will take us. A continuation of our research, that took place in healthy participants in Nepal, is now being taken to the bedside of patients currently on ITU to see what else we can learn.

There was lots of buzz on social media about the event, and listeners included people from the USA, UK, Australia, Portugal, Croatia, Argentina, Czech Republic and Brazil. Talk of the testing that took place brought back memories for some of our Twitter followers and the dread of the early morning step before a cup of tea!

If you missed out listening live yesterday, our friends at TopMed Talk will be posting the recordings on their website within the next few days.

If you want to follow any of the speakers you can find them on twitter here:

  • Denny Levett
  • Kay Mitchell
  • Mike Grocott
  • Monty Mythen
  • Chris Imray

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