Listen live to the Duke University Xtreme Everest Symposium

8th Jun 2018

The Xtreme Everest team are traveling to see colleagues in the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University next week, and whilst there will be presenting at the special event Xtreme Everest Symposium: Human Tolerance of Hypoxia: Going to Extremes to Understand Critical Illness on the 14 June. You can learn more about this event by visiting the dedicated Duke webpages

This conference will review the Xtreme Everest medical research program that takes lessons learned in extreme low oxygen environments, including that found on the summit of Mount Everest, and brings them back to the bedside of the intensive care unit (ICU).

If you've not been lucky enough to travel or get tickets for the special event, fear not, you can listen live via our friends TopMed Talk. The team, headed up by Xtreme Everest's Monty Mythen, will be bringing the conference to your ears with all the talks and news from the event.

The live broadcast will start at 16.00 (GMT) or 11.00 (EST) to bring you pre-event talk, so make sure you have signed up to listen live by clicking the image below:

The agenda for the day can be downloaded below:

 AGENDA - XE symposium.pdf (37 KB)

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