KnO2wledge 10 feedback hails the conference a success

7th Jun 2017
Some of the speakers from the 10th Anniversary conference
Some of the speakers from the 10th Anniversary conference

On the 23rd and 24th of May the Xtreme Everest team took over the Royal Society of Medicine to give their tenth conference in the KnO2wledge series. Feedback from the two day event has been outstanding with many delegates asking when we will be sharing updates on our research again.

Notable guest speakers for the first day included Prof John Severinghaus presenting the audience with the eight sages of Oxygen discovery, a fitting opening lecture for the conference, with others agreeing; ‘As someone early on in my career as a physiologist it was a privilege to listen to professor Severinghaus.’

Prof Jim Milledge followed with a talk that a delegate called ‘extremely lucid and absolutely fascinating’ on The Story of Altitude research. Detailing the first steps into the link between mountaineering and altitude research, with his own experiences of climbing with Edmund Hillary and the Silver Hut experiment.

Later in the day, the Xtreme Everest team gave several talks on the theme of Oxygen in Clinical practice. Prof Monty Mythen spoke about ‘Optimising oxygen delivery: Old news?’ which was described as ‘Absolutely great, interesting food for thought.’ Meanwhile, Prof Hugh Montgomery delivered ‘An extremely well delivered original account presented with great scientific interest and fascination’, on ‘the million dollar question’ whether or not patients acclimatise to critical illness. The session finished with ‘A very well delivered and scientifically substantiated iconoclastic overview of the topic’, delivered on the thinking around permissive hypoxia.

Day one of the Kn0wledge conference finished with an in conversation section with our esteemed opening speakers and Dr Ned Gillbert-Kawai.

Our second day at the Royal Society of Medicine kicked off with Kay Mitchell reminding us of the ‘Inspiring’ journey of the project with a look back at 10 years of Xtreme Everest. Other highlights for the day included Dr Carsten Lundby; breaking the myth of Live high train low, ‘Such knowledge imparted in a very interesting and stimulating manner’.

Prof Martin Feelisch gave an in depth talk on mitochondria, and Dr Cynthia Baille’s ‘clear presentation of this complex and exciting field that will increase in importance’ in her approach to new methods of understanding altitude illness.

Dr Sundeep Dhillon gave an impressively 'moving, touching and dignified' speech on his memories of the late Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Vijay Ahuja, a member of the Xtreme Everest team.

It was Prof Thomas Hornbein who gave the inaugural Vijay Ahuja lecture, his talk entitled ‘Everest: The first traverse’. A gripping first-hand account of the first summit from the west ridge, narrated in a cool and humble fashion, which left one audience member commenting ‘The most memorable and wonderful talk by this great man and great spirit.’

To conclude, one delegate wrote 'One of the best meetings that I've ever attended. The organisers are to be applauded for putting together such an outstandingly coherent programme to include so many exceptional speakers'.

The Xtreme Everest Oxygen Consortium, alongside our colleagues at the Royal Society of Medicine are proud to have presented our special anniversary conference celebrating ten years of Xtreme Everest and received such wonderful feedback. We look forward to the next ten years and sharing more of our research data and knowledge with you all.

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