Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do

13th Jun 2017
Waiting to hear from you
Waiting to hear from you

Over the last ten years the Xtreme Everest team have met and worked with an amazing group of people. This has ranged from our wonderful trekkers, to the hard working investigators, our long term supporters and cheerleaders and those who have participated in our research in our labs in London and Southampton.

Sadly, we’ve also lost touch with a few people over the years due to old emails and change of contact details. This is something we would like to change.

If you have been a part of our story over the last ten years, or if you are new and want to become part of our future journey, please do get in touch with us to update your contact details.

You can do this a variety of ways:

  • Get in touch on our Facebook page either by sending us a message or leaving a note on our page

  • Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us a message

  • If you are a fan of the old handwritten note, you can send us a letter to Xtreme Everest, c/o ISEH, 1st Floor, 170 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7HA

  • Or finally you can call us on 020 3447 2838 to speak to one of the team

However you choose to say Hello! to us please do get in touch and update your details with us. We look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do

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