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28th Apr 2017
On the way to Namche wearing our MTS kit
On the way to Namche wearing our MTS kit

During the 10th Anniversary Trek to Everest Base Camp, the Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research Consortium carried out a number of experiments to learn more about how the human body adapts to high altitude, where oxygen levels are low.

By studying how healthy people cope when exposed to the stress of low oxygen levels, we hope to make progress with our ultimate goal, which is to improve treatments for the sickest patients in hospital, who are unable get enough oxygen to their organs because of illness.

Whilst in Nepal, we looked at a number of different aspects of the body’s response to low oxygen levels. For the first time, we attempted to capture beat-by-beat physiological data as our trekkers ascend and descend, using oximeters kindly provided to us by Medical Test Supplies (MTS).

Results from our experiments are now being analysed and will be shared via our website and other social media platforms. These include:

You can also catch up on how our research went by reading our blog posts from our time in Nepal and by checking out the gallery below.

XEX Research

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